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Our products make people smile. We love that. Whether it's someone enjoying patio string lights during the summer in their backyard or millions of people enjoying a seven story Christmas tree during the holidays, we help people decorate, light things up and have fun. That's special.

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Wintergreen (WG) is an Atlanta-based manufacturer, importer and wholesaler with roots established in lighting and decor since 2000. We've grown to serve more than 2,000 wholesale customers ranging from large national retail stores to professional decorators/installers to small businesses.

Anyone who needs quality lighting, greenery and decor in large volumes at great pricing has a friend in Wintergreen.

Quality Matters and Learning from History
Wintergreen's founders William Hale and Chris Miller saw a trend through the 90s, which was the proliferation of mass manufactured Christmas lighting and greenery where the primary goal was cost cutting at every turn. When they began, they knew their future was not about making things cheaper. It was about making things better. It's one reason why Wintergreen Lighting LED strings actually carry a 3-year warranty. When most companies expect customers to throw their Christmas lights away after one season, Wintergreen made lights so good they are guaranteed for three years. Quality matters.

Innovation Matters and Decorative Lighting Beyond Christmas
Introducing new products that look great and perform even better comes from Wintergreen's commitment to innovation. We don't just talk about innovation, we bring it to market. While Christmas is a holiday event that drives a lot of decorative lighting and decor activity, Wintergreen also produces party and event string lights, patio and bistro lights, outdoor lit decor, outdoor rated LED bulbs and laser lights. These are all different types of lighting that customers enjoy throughout the year.

Commercial Christmas Trees and Greenery
Not to be outdone by all the lights, Wintergreen offers one of the largest selections of commercial and giant Christmas trees in the industry, featuring iconic trees like the famous Giant Everest and the Olympia Pine. Wintergreen also produces smaller commercial trees that are fully outdoor rated like the Sequoia Fir and indoor rated commercial trees like the Oregon Fir. Wintergreen is a top choice for professional decorators and businesses nationwide because of our trees, wreaths and garland.

Lit Palm Trees
Outside of the holidays, Wintergreen features lit palm trees that range from portable party and backyard decorations to permanently installed bottle palm trees and regular palm trees that look realistic during the day, but then magically light up at night. Great for homes and commercial applications, these palm trees are dressed to impress.

Residential Christmas Trees
With 12 hand designed families of residential trees, wreaths and garland, Wintergreen also supplies retailers around the U.S. with quality greenery. While some mass market trees cut corners with less branches, less tips and lower grade PVC or PE materials, Wintergreen focuses on bringing trees in that are lush and designed for a purpose. Some trees are designed to accommodate heavy ornamentation while other trees are designed to feature lifelike branch tips and specific shape profiles ideal for different parts of the house.

Product Brands

Wintergreen Lighting
The premier brand of high quality, advanced technology decorative lighting for commercial and residential use, including outdoor party and event lighting as well as lights for the holidays.

Red Sleigh and Red Sleigh Commercial
A collection of commercial and residential trees, greenery and decor that ranges from some of the most iconic giant Christmas trees around the world to thousands of beautiful trees in people's homes throughout North America.

Kringle Traditions
A leading brand of Christmas lights and decor featuring over 30 product categories sold by retailers nationwide. Kringle Traditions products are used, seen and enjoyed by millions of Americans annually.

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Wintergreen Corporation Brands and Technologies

  • Wintergreen Lighting ®
  • Kringle Traditions ®
  • Red Sleigh ®
  • Red Sleigh Commercial ®
  • OptiCore ™
  • FlexFilament ™
  • ImagineLED ™
  • SoftTwinkle ™
  • StretchNet Pro ™
  • Aurora Superstars ™
  • Viviluxe ™
  • PureLock ™
  • TruTip ™