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New OptiCore™ Bulbs with SMD LED Technology Introduced by Wintergreen

Atlanta, Ga, March 12, 2015 -- Surface mounted diodes (SMD) are a newer form of LED technology similar to what is used in LED TVs where the light is emitted from a flat wafer-like surface rather than the more directional tube shape commonly found in the older LED DIP-style diodes. The innovation of SMD LEDs in conjunction with better bulb lens designs creates a new type of decorative light bulb with exceptional light and color consistency, which is ideal for professional decorators, commercial installers and lighting enthusiasts.

Wintergreen Lighting's new OptiCore™ bulb combines the new SMD LED technology with an improved lens design that uses thicker lens walls to create a bulb core that allows for deeper color hues that are more consistent from base to tip. Lighting hot spots common in standard bulbs are minimized and the thicker bulb walls can also accommodate deeper facets on all bulbs with faceted finishes. This innovative new approach creates amazing light halos with great color optics.

Other bulb features include lens material made from polycarbonate rather than acrylic. The material combined with the thicker walls better resonates the light within the bulb core interior. In the case of the larger C9 bulbs, that bulb wall is approximately 115% thicker than standard C9 LED bulbs. That thickness allows for deeper facets and purer color hues, which customers prefer.

"C7 and C9 bulbs used at Christmas are often placed in different orientations. Pointed off of gutters laterally, hanging tip down or pointed tip up in the case of walkway lighting," says William Hale, CEO of Wintergreen Corp. "The hot spot coloration with older LED bulbs is okay for some people but it is more pronounced from the different viewing angles. OptiCore bulb coloration looks good from all viewing angles, which is why we brought it to market."

OptiCore™ bulbs come in faceted C9, C7 and G50 styles as well as smooth opaque C7 and C9 bulbs for people who like the vintage classic look on the outside but with all the latest technology on the inside. The bulbs are available in boxed packs of 25 and are sold in retail packaging.


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