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Wintergreen Launches Commercial Grade Christmas Laser Lights

Atlanta, Ga, October 8, 2015 -- Wintergreen Corp. recently unveiled its new line of commercial grade laser lights within its Wintergreen Lighting product brand. The new X1000 and X500 series feature full metal housings and are IP65 rated but what makes the X1000 and X500 sought after is the extensive coverage of laser light spray as well as the intensity, which makes them ideal for covering large areas and longer distances.

While several consumer grade laser lights have been gaining popularity around the U.S., their coverage, range and intensity is limited and can vary depending on how much ambient light is around them. They are good entry level products but for commercial decorators, professional installers or lighting enthusiasts looking to create large impactful displays, a commercial grade laser light like the X1000 and X500 is needed.

The new Wintergreen Lighting laser lights can project over 300 ft. away and depending on their distance to and from a surface, they can cover areas ranging from 1,500 to 2,500 sq. ft. The further away they are, the larger the spread becomes. Entire forest lines spanning more than 100 yards with tree heights up to 100 ft can be lit up with only a few laser light units making decorative displays that are revolutionizing how foliage can be lit at scale. Lighting 100 yards of tall trees by hand would take a multi-person crew a week to do but with a few laser light units, it can literally be done in a few minutes.

The X500 comes in green, red and blue and is a stationary plug and go laser light unit. It features an infrared remote for easy on/off and timer controls. The X1000 is a larger laser unit that includes the ability to set the laser points in motion, which is very popular option. With several speed settings, the X1000 laser lights can project wild patterns and movement or slower, more subtle movement depending on a person's preference. The X1000 comes in green and a green/red combination unit and features a universal RF remote that control multiple units at the same time from greater distances.

Green laser light is the most popular and visible in the laser light spectrum. Blue and red laser lights are not as visible to the human eye and are better as accent colors. The combination and placement of these colors can be applied to trees, tree trunks, hedges, bushes and against structures like homes or office buildings.

The X500 and X1000 are sold in full retail packaging are available online and at select retailers across the country.


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