Quality wholesale decorative lighting and decor

Wintergreen Brands

Speciality lighting and lit decor accent life, events, and celebrations everywhere -- and we love that. For over 20 years, we've made it our mission to produce the best quality speciality lighting possible. This includes everything from Christmas lights to party and event lights, to outdoor lighting used in homes, businesses, and public spaces. Wintergreen lights and lit decor products are used by commercial lighting and decorating professionals around the country and now these products have been made widely available to everyone through major retailers. There's a reason Wintergreen's lighting products are chosen by professionals and lighting enthusiasts around the U.S.

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Wintergreen Lighting®

Wintergreen Lighting light sets, bulbs, and lit decor offer the largest variety of decorative speciality lighting in the U.S. with more than a thousand lighting products to choose from. Wintergreen Lighting lights are used in large public displays annually. They are used in major motion picture movies and by professional lighting installers and decorators around the U.S. They are also a top choice for thousands of home owners who want to use quality seasonal lighting for their parties, events and holiday displays. Wintergreen Lighting products are availble through most major online retailers and can be purchased year round.

Red Sleigh®

Red Sleigh produces over 300 commercial grade Christmas tower trees, poles trees, wreaths, garlands, swags and bows. Whether you need a giant Christmas tree for a public display or just a small wreath to hang on the front door, Red Sleigh greenery is used in holiday displays around the U.S. Seen by millions, loved by all.

Kringle Traditions®

Kringle Traditions is a maker of speciality string lights, bulbs, and decorations for Chrismas and the holidays. From the latest in LED lighting to traditional incandescent lights, Kringle Traditions features hundreds of lit Christmas decor products used throughout the U.S. and sold across major online retail stores.