Quality wholesale decorative lighting and decor

Wintergreen Lighting®

Wintergreen Lighting Brand by Wintergreen Corporation

Wintergreen Lighting® light sets, bulbs, and lit decor offer the largest variety of decorative specialty lighting in the U.S. with more than a thousand lighting products to choose from. Wintergreen Lighting lights are used in large public displays annually. They are used in major motion picture movies and by professional lighting installers and decorators around the U.S. They are also a top choice for thousands of homeowners who want to use quality seasonal lighting for their parties, events, and holiday displays. Wintergreen Lighting products are available through most major online retailers and can be purchased year-round.

OptiCore® C7 & C9 LED Bulbs

Better color. Better Technology. Better Bulbs.

OptiCore leads the industry as the top choice for the most durable and colorful LED bulbs. OptiCore features the latest SMD LEDs with a single core light source paired with a polycarbonate lens that is twice the thickness of average bulbs.

FlexFilament® LED Bulbs

Vintage filament meets LED technology with Wintergreen Lighting's Flex-Filament series of bulbs featuring a variety of sizes from C7, C9, G50, S14, ST64, A15, G80, and G125. FlexFilament also includes shatterproof or glass bulb options making it a great choice for commercial or residential displays.

LED imagine™ Fairy Light Bulbs

The magic of fairy lights captured in a light bulb!

For those looking for decorative lighting that's easy to use and even easier to enjoy, these bulbs are for you. Pair with outdoor string lights for parties and events or feature these bulbs indoors as pendant lighting or in decorative lamps.

SoftTwinkle® LED String, Net, and Icicle Lights

Not your average twinkle light.

SoftTwinkle lights don't blink on and off, they slowly fade out and fade in to create a truly mesmerizing effect in all displays they are used in. If you want to add subtle motion effects to your next lighting display, SoftTwinkle lights are for you.

StretchNet Pro® Trunk & Column Wrap Lights

Not sure what size net lights you need for your trees or columns? StretchNet Pro features a patented light grid with stretchable cord that allows the nets to be stretched around the surfaces they are placed on. Save time and money on your tree wrap projects with StretchNet Pro.

Aurora Superstar™ Lights

These outdoor rated star lights fold flat for small space storage and expand big to create eye catching light displays. They feature both battery operated and plug-in power options for any type of diplay and are lit by a special 12-diode LED light wand. Create amazing displays with Aurora Superstars.

Wintergreen Lighting® String, Net, and Icicle Lights

Wintergreen Lighting offers more than one thousand string lights, net lights, and icicle lights products. Professional light installers, decorators, and consumers across the U.S. choose Wintergreen Lighting products for a reason. Quality, durability, color consistency, efficiency and reliability are all guaranteed in Wintergreen Lighting.

Wintergreen Lighting Brand by Wintergreen Corporation