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Decorating with Christmas Wreaths

Q&A With an Expert

Choosing a Christmas wreath for your big or small decorating project might come with a few questions. Questions like, what are the benefits of buying a commercial grade wreath, or what is tip count and why does it matter? To help assuage any concerns you might have when contemplating the best wreath for your project, we've asked our resident greenery decorating guru the most common questions customer's ask when deciding on which wreath to buy.

What's the difference between commercial grade greenery vs regular greenery?

Greenery grading typically refers to the thickness and durability of a product. Commercial grade wreaths and garland are much thicker than residential grade versions and are UV rated for outdoor use.

What is the purpose of greenery tip counts and does it matter?

Tip counts are very important when considering which type of wreath and garland to buy based on the fullness in appearance you are looking for and how you plan to decorate the greenery. Garland and wreaths with high tip counts look and feel lush and require less ornamentation to make them appear full as they will have few, if any gaps in the greenery.

Are certain wreaths & garland better for certain decorating styles or situations?

Yes, for outdoor projects the thicker the Christmas wreath the better since the most popular decorating style is simplistic in nature, often with nothing more than a stylish bow attached. For indoor decorating you can go with a lower grade wreath or garland that has less tip counts and is not UV rated to save money. The lower tip count and thickness will also allow you to heavily decorate your items for use on a mantel, stair railing or doorway.

What advice do you have about how to decorate a wreath outside vs. inside?

If you're planning to use your wreaths outside, I would suggest keeping the design simple by using just a single bow or a few ornaments. Keep in mind that when outdoors everything must be wired on so that items do not get blown off in the event of heavy winds. The more items you put on the wreath the more wiring will need to be done. The sky's the limit on decorating options for indoor wreaths since you don't have to worry about UV rating or water resistance. You can use simple florals, ribbons, ornaments or any other decorative accents you can think of to create the look and theme you want for your home.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you've seen people make with wreaths?

The most common mistakes I have seen are made when decorating indoor Christmas wreaths. With so many decorative options available, balance and planning become key in the design of an indoor wreath. Some wreaths have a completely balanced design where the sides, top and bottom match exactly while others have an asymmetrical design with one large item usually placed off to one side of the wreath to create a specific look. Where people tend to go wrong is not having a plan ahead of time which can result in a chaotic looking display. To prepare for decorating an indoor wreath I recommend you start by laying out all the elements you would like to use and loosely laying them on the wreath to see how it will look before attaching. Once you have decided upon a theme and have a vision in mind the project will go more smoothly.

Are there any benefits by buying a prelit vs. unlit wreath?

Prelit wreaths naturally enhance the decorations placed on them which makes them a great decorative option for use during the day and night. However, electrical outlets are not always conveniently placed in the area you plan to decorate with greenery, so this is where unlit wreaths come in handy. For outdoor use of unlit wreaths you can use landscape lighting to illuminate them at night which creates a gorgeous effect. If you're decorating with unlit wreaths indoors, adding battery operated lights is an easy way to brighten a Christmas wreath without needing any outlets or extension cords nearby.