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Blue Rope Light

Customize blue rope light

LynxLite offers a full selection in blue rope light to meet wholesale and commercial needs.

  • LED:
    • Brilliant blue rope light
    • Concave bulbs for wide angle visibility
    • Energy savings of 80-90%
    • Long lasting, average 100,000 hours
    • Always stays cool to the touch
    • Create long runs using power cords with increased amp capacity
  • Incandescent
    • Aqua blue
    • Pearl blue
    • Fluorescent blue
    • Pure tungsten filaments
    • Average 30,000 hours

Selling features

  • Bulbs protected in durable PVC tubing
  • Commercial grade lighting suitable for large projects
  • Bulbs spaced 1" apart for bright light
  • Highly flexible, bendable lighting
  • UL Listed for indoor and outdoor use
  • UV and water resistant
  • Commercial spools can be cut, shorter runs available
  • Fast shipping!