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C7 Christmas Lights

Engineered to last longer

C7 bulbs are designed to be used along rooflines and outlining walkways and landscapes. Ensure your lights illuminate beautifully every season by using lights engineered to outlast the competition.

  • C7 light bulbs:
    • Easy to use; screw into any C7 socket
    • Triple dipped for deep color
    • Fade, crack and weather resistant
    • Nickel bases prevent corrosion in sockets
  • C7 light strings:
    • Prelamped bulbs in stringers - simply plug in and light
    • 20 gauge wire UL Listed for 420 watts connected end-to-end
    • Wide selection of clear, color and frosted Christmas lights
  • C7 E12 Light Stringers and Spools:
    • Create custom runs of light
    • 10 amp SPT2 wire available in stringers or spools
    • Sockets include weep holes for water and snow drainage
    • Re-use stringers and cut spools to desired length UL recognized components in every light string

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