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C7 LED Christmas Lights

Connect more lights

Energy efficient LED lights allow many more sets to be connected. Illuminate homes and businesses with thousands of LED lights without needing to create additional sources for power.

  • Save up to 90% energy
  • Low watt LED bulbs mean many, many more can be connected under UL standards
  • Bulbs always stay cool to the touch
  • Large variety in bulb shapes and sizes, colors, and string options

High quality construction

  • Strong bulb encasements are almost unbreakable
  • Long lasting, constructed to withstand years of use
  • High diode count and lumen output in bulbs
  • Prelamped strings feature bulbs fused to sockets for weather resistance

Deep inventory levels

Wintergreen Corporation carries deep inventory levels in LED lights. Don't delay projects or lose clients due to lack of product - shop with Wintergreen Corporation, and enjoy the additional advantages of same day shipping and expedited delivery options including Next Day Air.