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C9 LED Christmas Lights

The LED advantage

C9 Christmas lights traditionally offer bright light, used for visibility from distances. LED lights offer the advantage of being able to connect many more bulbs to a single power source, reducing power needs by as much as 90%. Dimmable LED bulbs replace older, earlier retrofit bulbs by increasing the flicker free appearance while offering the ability to create dramatic light effects through sequencing. Use dimmable LED bulbs as steady lighting, or connect to controllers for light show effects.

Commercial grade lighting

C9 bulbs are available as retrofit bulbs to screw into sockets, as premium light strings, and commercial prelamped sets. By design, LED bulbs are most suited for commercial lighting.

Unbreakable bulbs make installation fast and easy

  • Bulbs are fused to sockets in all prelamped strings, protecting metal interior components
  • Diodes are positioned in a circular formation versus a stacked formation, resulting in brighter light reflection
  • Commercial sets include co-axial connectors for a water tight seal
  • Increased power savings effectively eliminate the need for creating additional power sources
  • Bulbs always remain cool to the touch
  • Ideal along rooflines, large walkways, and giant Evergreen trees