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C9 LED Replacement Bulbs

Dimmable C9 LED replacement bulbs offer the highest quality in decorative holiday lighting. Dimmable bulbs feature solid state reliability, resulting in vivid flicker free lighting. When used with a controller for light show effects, bulbs offer advanced soft chases with ability to create effects including fade and step up / down lighting. Wintergreen Lighting LED bulbs are rated for 60,000 hours, and these bulbs are constructed to endure years of use. Nickel bases prevent corrosion, and all components are sealed inside acrylic resin bulb casings, which will not fade, chip, crack or peel. Faceted surfaces reflect the impressive 0.96 watt bright light cast from 5 diodes placed in a circular pattern. Bulbs easily retrofit into standard E17 sockets and operate off 120 volts.