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Meteor Shower Lights

Meteor Shower Lights

Meteor shower lights feature bright, highly efficient LEDs inside each bulb that cascade downward resulting in dynamic, eye-catching light displays. Hang cascading meteor shower lights and falling rain lights above public areas, outdoor event spaces, and outside of businesses to create attention grabbing displays during holidays, special events, or any time high impact lighting is needed to draw a crowd.

Featuring the newest advancements in LED technology, SMD cascade lights are exceptionally bright, offer vivid light clarity, and are highly durable and efficient. We recommend this style of meteor shower light for large scale light displays where high-impact lighting seen from a distance is a necessity.

This style of cascade light features a realistic icicle shaped bulb design. The vivid, cool white LED lights cascade down inside the bulb to mimic the look of falling rain or snow. Realistic icicle cascade lights provide eye catching lighting ideal for events, storefronts, and public spaces.

Cascade light bulbs have either an E12 or E17 base and should be matched with a stringer of the same socket size. Mix multiple bulb colors & sizes on the same string to create custom meteor shower light displays.