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Create Professional Looking Displays & Save Time

Professional Christmas light installation is booming across the country, and with good reason. More homeowners want beautiful, professional-quality holiday light displays, and pros know the secrets to installing them quickly, efficiently and expertly. Wintergreen Christmas light clips are designed for quick installation, flexible strength, and reliability across multiple hanging and weather conditions. Commercial grade durable UV polymer ensures light clips stay in place all season long, keeping lights even and neat. Cheap clips break easier and can clog gutters and downspouts with broken plastic. This means addressing more customer concerns, more labor to fix issues, and potentially losing business. Quality Christmas light clips make a difference!

Avoid Doing Damage to Lights and Structures

Still using staples or nails to hang up Christmas Lights? Methods like these are notorious for damaging your walls, roofing, or even your Christmas lights. These methods may seem fast, but can damage the electrical wiring and mounting surfaces. Once in place, stapled light sets are nearly impossible to adjust without extra steps.

Avoid the risks and use Christmas light clips. Hang and mount any type of Christmas light with ease on surfaces ranging from gutters, shingles, or even wood surfaces. Wintergreen offers a wide variety of clips for mini lights, icicle lights, and C7 and C9 bulb string lights eliminating the need for any other Christmas light hangers. Create breathtaking Christmas light displays without any damage to lights or roofing.

Damaged Wire

Light Clip Types

All-in-one multipurpose clips are a versatile tool that every installer should have in their toolbox. These clips have the unique ability to fit different styles of Christmas lights. These clips are most commonly used to install C7 and C9 string lights onto gutters or shingles. Made from strong and durable commercial grade materials, these clips are the most commonly used clip type by professional installers.

C7 and C9 lights are widely known for their classic Christmas look. These lights can often be seen lining a variety of different roofs. Clips specifically made to hold these classic bulbs prevent light runs from sagging, keeping displays in place all season long, no matter the weather. Choose from rugged clips designed for gutters or shingles, or even clips for magnetic surfaces.

Icicle and mini light clips take the difficulty out of hanging christmas lights. Don't worry about trying to staple or screw the lights in. Use one of the many Christmas light clips perfect for hanging up icicle or mini lights. Durable PVC polymer holds clips in place. Don't settle for a messy icicle or mini light display.

Christmas light pathway stakes are the perfect solution for adding Christmas lights to pathways or yards. Wintergreen stakes come in a variety of sizes from 4.5 inches up to 15 inches depending on desired height. Easily install C7 and C9 string lights and secure stake(s) into the ground. High quality Christmas light stakes are made to withstand harsh weather conditions.

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