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Christmas Bows

Decorating with Christmas Bows

Q&A With an Expert

Christmas bows add a finishing touch to a variety of commercial and residential holiday displays. Decorating with bows for Christmas is incredibly popular and generally easy. However, some questions may arise as you choose bows for your project and determine the best installation method to use. We sat down with our resident bow and greenery decorating expert to answer some of your most common questions about Christmas bows.

What are the differences between the bow materials?

There are 4 common types of bows: velvet, nylon, lamé and glitter. Structurally all four are very similar and each is made with wire for better shaping. When it comes to best use cases for each, the materials set them apart.

  • Nylon Bows are the best for outdoor use and will hold up very well against the elements.

  • Velvet Bows are the most classic choice for greenery and can also be used outdoors, but they will fade over time.

  • Lamé Bows are perfect for formal displays and weddings, they can be used outside but will fade over time.

  • Glitter Bows add glitz and glamour to holiday displays and special events. If placed outside the glitter will oxidize and rust, so these bows are recommended for indoor only applications.

Which bow size is best for wreaths and garland?

Wreath bows should be 1/2 the diameter of your wreath. So, for a 30" wreath you would want a 15" bow. If the bow is a few inches smaller or larger, that's ok! For garlands the best bows to use are either a 15" or 18" structural bow as anything else will overpower the greenery.

Are there any tips for making sure your bow is ready to display?

Always shape your bow before installation, that way you can maximize the fullness of the bow and bend the tails in the direction you would like.

Do you have any insider tips when using Christmas bows with greenery?

Most people think the bow has to go directly onto the wreath but there are many other display options. Bows can be hung directly over a wreath with the tails wrapping around the edge of the greenery, this way if the wreath has lights you can see them all. Similarly, you could place the bow under the wreath and let the tails hang down. Bows are also beautiful placed at the top points of garland swags or when used at the attachment points where multiple garlands meet end to end.

If you have a large tree (14'+), you can use the smaller bows as Christmas tree decorations to really fill up space and give more dimension to the overall design. Christmas bows as tree toppers are another popular decorating option.

Aside from greenery, what are some other popular applications for bows?

Christmas bows can be stand alone items on windows, columns or fencing. The majority of our bows come with installation wire already attached for ease of use. Each bow comes with plenty of wire to attach it to a wreath, garland or fence post. The puff bows come with a plastic disk at the back which has holes in it to direct mount to a wall using standard nails or screws. You could also use those holes for tie downs.

How would you install a bow on a wide fence post or column?

The best way to install a bow onto a wide fence post or column is with a bungee cord wrapped around the structure. If you want something that is a little more tamper proof you could also use heavy duty zip ties to secure the bow.

When would you need to use the grommets that are on some bows?

Grommets are very beneficial for outdoor bow installation. The extra grommets allow you to anchor down the bow and tails to keep from blowing or pulling in inclimate weather.

How should bows be stored to keep them from getting crushed or wrinkled?

Bows are best stored in waterproof plastic bins to keep out moisture and pests. Only store as many bows as will fit in the bin without flattening them out. Puff bows should be taken apart before storage and each piece placed flat inside of a bin.