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Commercial Christmas Lights

Christmas lights for commercial use

Commercial use requires a more durable product that can withstand heavier use and more wear and tear than premium consumer grade product. Investing in a product designed to hold up to commercial use is essential in large and repeat projects. Choose between commercial incandescent light strings and LED light strings, depending on your needs.

Commercial incandescent mini lights

  • Bulbs can be quickly removed for hassle free maintenance and installation
  • 20 gauge wire allows for a longer life and more strings to be connected
  • Lamp locks hold bulbs in place and prevent misaligned connections so lights stay lit
  • Constructed with tighter wire twists for improved display and performance
  • Available in longer lengths, a variety of different spacing options, and many brilliant colors
  • UL listed

Commercial LED lights

  • Bulbs are fused into sockets for one-piece construction that prevents corrosion
  • Sturdy 20 gauge wire allows more strings to be connected together
  • Co-axial connections provide water tight seals - strings stay connected unless manually unscrewed
  • Nearly unbreakable bulbs that stay cool to the touch
  • Available in a variety of flicker-free vibrant colors
  • Exceeds Energy Star qualifications and UL standards

Efficient installation

Wintergreen Corporation understands and caters to the installer's need for efficient installation and product performance. Choosing the best Christmas lights up front yields decreased labor costs, referrals and repeat business. Same day shipping ensures projects can be completed on time.