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Green Rope Light

Green rope light availability

  • Commercial spools or smaller retail packs
  • Incandescent and long lasting LED bulbs
  • Pearl green rope light has the sheen of soft pearl over the PVC tube
  • Fluorescent rope light is lime in color
  • True Green LED rope light is the most vibrant and true to color
  • 2-wire steady and 3-wire chasing
  • 1/2" round and 3/8" mini tube diameters

Benefits in going green

While all rope light is durable due to its strong PVC tubing and UV and weather resistance, green LED rope light offers power saving advantages.

  • An average savings of 80-90% energy
  • Low watt bulbs stay cool to the touch
  • LED ropelight features concave shaped bulbs for increased brightness
  • 100,000 hours compared to 30,000 for incandescent
  • Maximum runs exceed 600' when controllers and power cords feature higher amp capacities