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Lighted Branches

The Art of Lighted Branches

Stunning as the main focal point in an intimate gathering space or as just one part in a series of moments designed for a large scale corporate event, lighted branches are a surprisingly versatile decorative accent. Use the same lighted branch over and over again while creating an entirely new design around it each time, or incorporate branch lights into a permanent art installation that will inspire and delight for years to come. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but lighted branches are easy to setup and can be conveniently stored back in their original packaging. For professional designers and event planners, the minimal storage needs and dynamic display possibilities make lighted branches a popular decor accent used in special event venues, interior designs, and holiday displays.

5 Reasons Lighted Branches Should be In Your Decorator's Toolkit:

  1. Endless creative possibilities
  2. Bendable and shapeable
  3. Minimal to no assembly required
  4. Complete display in just a few steps
  5. Minimal storage requirements

Lighted Branch Styles and Display Ideas

You're likely already familiar with traditional lighted branches which are a very simple design of twig light with one center branch, usually between 2 and 3 feet long, and several smaller branches coming off of it. There is a natural elegance to this lighted branch design that is perfect for adding illumination to a room without needing much extra attention.

In addition to the traditional lighted branches you may have seen before, there are several specialty lighted branch designs you may not know about, which we will introduce you to in this section. Each of these specialty lighted branches has defining characteristics which make it unique. While all lighted branches look beautiful on their own, the true artistic merit of these decorative lights is that they are a blank canvas, able to be embellished with floral accents, ornaments, hanging decor, and more to achieve an endless array of designs and elevate the atmosphere of any space you put them in.

4 Lighted Branch Designs

Starburst Lighted Branches

The most versatile of all lighted branches, starbursts have incredible flexibility which allows them to twist and morph into a variety of shapes. We've made light balls, DIY chandeliers, and even spooky Halloween spiders by bending and shaping starbursts -- the creative DIY possibilities are truly infinite. Starbursts can also be shaped in a variety of ornamental designs and hung from tree branches to create high impact outdoor light displays with little effort and time invested, especially when compared to the effort involved in doing full light wraps on trees. Starburst branches range from 12 -24 inches long and are available in several colors from brown to gold metallic. This versatility in size, color, and light tone options gives you flexibility to blend starbursts in with any aesthetic and design concept.

Falling Willow Lights

True to their name, Falling Willow lighted branches mimic the appearance of willow trees with long cascades of light coming off of a single stem. Willow lights are available from 36 inches to an arresting 79 inches tall. This style of lighted branch works well as an alternative sconce light or when placed in a tall floor vase with silk floral stems.

Climbing Vine Lighted Branches

Climbing vine lighted branches are designed with a sturdy 10 foot long center branch with dozens of additional smaller branches shooting off of it on both sides, and hundreds of LED lights placed throughout. This style of lighted branch commands attention on its own and you can intensify the wow factor even further by embellishing it with additional decorative accents. Climbing vine lighted branches are incredibly striking when displayed as 3D wall art. They could also be used to frame an archway, accent a variety of architectural elements, and as a statement piece above a fireplace mantel.