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Norway Spruce

Ht (ft) Width (in) Lighting

What is a nursery cut tree? The Norway Spruce is a rare find in artificial Christmas trees. Its nursery cut is fashioned after trees freshly cut from the forest. Each branch and tip offers a full upward curve, as if each is still reaching towards the sun for light. For a unique tree whose branches have not started to shape towards the ground, choose the Norway Spruce.

How well lit is the Norway Spruce? Illumination is an important feature in artificial Christmas trees, and the Norway Spruce has lots of it. The 9.5' tree offers 1,900 mini lights, meaning there is a mini light for every 2.5 tips! Lights are available as clear minis or warm white LED bulbs. Light counts are lower for LED bulbs due to their increase brilliance. This is the ideal tree for clients and designers who love a well-lit tree. Each light strings features series wiring, meaning if one light goes out, the rest stay lit. Tree lights are UL Listed, and LED lights are ENERGY STAR rated for long life, energy and cost savings, and exceptional quality. Light up your holidays with the Norway Spruce.

What warranty is available? An industry best 10 year warranty on frame and construction is included with every premium artificial tree from Wintergreen Corporation,a s well as a three year warranty on lights. Frames include hinged branches that fold out and up for display and storage. Each tree includes a sturdy metal tree stand designed specifically for the height and width of the tree.