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Orange Rope Light

Orange Rope Light Color Options

Orange rope light in incandescent and LED are great for a variety of settings. Fluorescent orange rope light is a lighter hue, while pearl has a shimmering sheen. Choose from a pumpkin orange to a bright LED fiery orange in the wide array of rope light.

What are the best applications for orange rope light?

Orange rope light is most popular at Halloween but is also used in country themed bars and parades. Purchase 150' spools for large applications or 12-30' rope light kits for smaller projects. 3/8" diameter rope light is best for shaping, and 3, 4, and 5-wire rope light is best for displays and motifs as they have the ability to twinkle and chase with a controller. 2-wire rope light is ideal for steady commercial use. Make sure to splice only at cut marks.

What is the difference between LED and incandescent rope light?

LED rope light uses light emitting diode advanced technology to create a high quality product. LED rope light boasts of a low power draw, high pressure resistance, and UV resistant coating. Combine LED rope light with controllers to create runs of twinkling and chasing rope light.