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Topiary and Grapevine Animals

Decorating With Christmas Topiaries

When you hear the word "topiary" your mind might immediately jump to an image of a cone or ball shaped greenery accent found in many gardens and yards; which is a natural instinct. In reference to Christmas topiaries, the same natural looking materials are utilized, but instead of geometric shapes, they take the form of classic Christmas designs such as reindeer or Santa's sleigh. Christmas topiary decorations are rated for outdoor use and available in a variety of designs with both grapevine and greenery options. We'll discuss these two Christmas topiary options and decorating ideas for each below.

Grapevine Topiary Christmas Decorations

Our grapevine products have a very rustic-natural look to them and could blend in with any home decor you have. There are four different styles including standing deer, head down deer (which both have antlers), drinking doe and sitting fawn.

Indoor Grapevine Topiary Decorating Ideas

Set a fun scene using topiary decorations in a foyer, building entrance, or holiday event as an alternative to a traditional Christmas tree display. Position one reindeer and one sleigh in front of a slender Christmas tree and place presents inside the sleigh. Then, tie a matching colored bow onto the reindeer to match the decorations on your tree and run the "reins" of ribbon back to the sleigh to give it a pop of color. Grapevine topiaries also make great scene setters around a fireplace, covered porch, or deck. The small 24" sitting fawn is a great size for putting into an arrangement on a buffet, mantel or even as part of a tablescape. Add a little greenery around the deer and decorate to your liking with ornaments, florals, and ribbon.

Outdoor Grapevine Topiary Decorating Ideas

For outdoor use the standing reindeer makes a wonderful welcome for guests when placed at the entrance of a home with a large bow or small wreath adorning its neck. Create a charming scene with an entire set of Christmas topiary decorations placed at the entrance to a building or in a mulched garden bed near the the front of a home. It is best to stay close to the exterior walls of a house or building when decorating outdoor spaces with grapevine topiary animals as sometimes they can get lost in the middle of the yard. Grapevine animals display best against a backdrop, up close to the home, near a grouping of trees or inside of a flower bed when used outdoors.

Greenery Style Christmas Topiary Decorations

Greenery style topiary items are traditionally used for outdoor displays, however the smaller sets can easily be used indoors. The reindeer are available in several sizes and three styles including standing, head up and head down deer - all have antlers.

The topiary reindeer and sleigh are perfect for decorating a yard or business quickly during the holidays. They can be displayed as stand alone deer in a yard, set up in a scene with the sleigh, or put into a Santa display at a mall or business.
To create a large scale display with greenery topiary decorations, place multiple standing deer in a line and put a red ornament on the nose of the reindeer at the end as if Rudolph is leading the way.This scene could be displayed on a lawn or anchored onto a roof to give the appearance of coming in for a landing. Use ribbon or sleigh bells to create the reigns that run between each deer back to the sleigh. You could also create a reindeer carousel inside of a Christmas window display by placing a pole through the center of the deer and adding ribbon to each of them.

If you are working with limited space, the reindeer can be taken apart in the middle of the body and at the base of the neck to allow for a variety of creative displays using only the head and front half of the animal. You can create a fake painted "horse" stall and have the front of the reindeer coming out of it, or mount the head to a wall as a Christmas trophy. Place a wreath around the reindeer head on the wall to hide the edges of the frame and then decorate the wreath and string beads or garland out onto the antlers.