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String Light Bulbs

As the weather turns warmer, more and more people begin venturing outdoors for social gatherings, parties, and events. Days grow longer and there's no desire to retreat indoors once the sun starts setting. When evening arrives, patio light bulbs have the important job of creating a lively atmosphere for events that stretch on into the evenings. Maybe you're a professional installer or decorator looking for dependable long term outdoor patio lighting, or you might be a store owner wanting to add shelf-ready patio bulbs to your offerings for customers. Whatever brought you here, we're glad you made it! Our large selection of replacement bulbs for string lights, many with professionally designed, shelf-ready packaging is sure to include the perfect fit for your project or needs.

FlexFilament® LED Patio Bulbs

Vintage style FlexFilament LED light bulbs are aesthetically similar to incandescent Edison bulbs, but can operate at a fraction of the energy cost. The curved filament inside each patio light bulb is lined with LED diodes that produce a vivid, satisfying glow that is twice as bright as most standard LED bulbs. With an average lifespan of up to 20,000-hours, these bulbs are a beautiful, reliable option for any outdoor lighting project. Choose from traditional glass bulbs or lightweight and durable shatterproof lenses in a variety of colors, finishes, and sizes to complement any setting and design theme.

Opticore® LED Patio Light Bulbs

OptiCore LED patio light bulbs from Wintergreen Lighting are the pinnacle of brightness, color, technology, and durability. Opticore globe patio string light bulbs have shatterproof polycarbonate walls that are infused with color to create a rich hue that won't fade, chip or crack. A single SMD diode inside each bulb produces brilliant color that is evenly distributed throughout, reducing the hot spots that are created from multiple light points found in other bulbs. If your professional outdoor lighting project requires the highest quality replacement bulbs for string lights, Opticore LED bulbs are the recommended choice for light installers and decorators.

LEDimagine® Fairy Light Bulbs

These gorgeous glass bulbs are filled with tiny LED fairy lights to create a unique globe light for patios, parties, events, and residential or office use. LEDimagine fairy light bulbs are perfect for hanging above event spaces or installing onto stakes set in the ground as garden pathway lights. These alluring LED bulbs also arrive in eye-catching, shelf ready packaging perfect for retail settings.

When selecting patio light bulbs for large-scale outdoor installation there are several factors to consider:

  • Bulb Lens Material: look for shatterproof instead of glass
  • Hot vs Cold Bulbs: LED is safer in outdoor settings, and more energy efficient
  • Bulb Size & Socket Spacing: think larger bulbs and wider spacing
  • Bulb Finish: transparent lenses allow for brighter light output
Patio Lights Hanging Above A Large Outdoor Event

Shatterproof Replacement Bulbs for String Lights

If your project includes hanging patio light bulbs above public places, especially in large quantities, considerations should be made for the type of bulb lens material being used. There are a variety of shatterproof patio light bulbs available which are a safer option than glass when hanging above areas where people are walking, dining, and relaxing. Shatterproof bulbs are LED instead of incandescent, which is preferable for use in large, commercial areas. LED string light bulbs are also energy efficient, cool to the touch, and have a significantly longer lifespan than their incandescent counterparts, making them ideal for long term use in outdoor settings.

Cool to The Touch LED Patio Bulbs

Incandescent patio bulbs get hot to the touch within seconds whereas most LED bulbs do not. Look for bulb features like "cool to the touch" when planning to hang patio lights in a large outdoor setting. Patio light bulbs are most commonly installed overhead and out of reach for most people, so getting burnt by a bulb may be very limited. But when trees, leaves, pine needles, or other natural debris touch hot bulbs, there's a higher chance that burning could occur. It's important to avoid these heat risks, especially in outdoor public settings, so cool to the touch bulbs should be highly considered for this use case. Additionally, cool to the touch LED patio string light bulbs use 80-90% less energy than incandescent bulbs which translates to lower power bills and reduced cost to run them in larger settings over longer time periods.

Large Patio Light Bulbs Take Up More Space

If you're covering a lot of space outdoors with patio lights, larger bulbs are the best option because they put out more light and less are needed to create an impact. Bulb sizes like G50, G95, G125, and ST64 are ideal for providing functional lighting for wide open outdoor spaces and long term projects including residential, commercial, and event applications. Ample amount of spacing should be given between larger light bulbs to make sure they are not overwhelming to look at. G50 & ST64 bulbs should be hung on light strings with at least 12 inches of space between each socket & G95 or G125 need even larger socket spacing between bulbs so as not to overpower the area being lit.

The Brightest Bulbs Have Transparent Lenses

Bulb finish is a big consideration when installing string light bulbs in large outdoor areas. Clear transparent bulbs have the brightest light output and can easily illuminate a large restaurant patio or outdoor event space, whereas satin finish or faceted LED patio light bulbs diffuse the light and are better suited for more intimate settings.