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Patio String Light Sets

From spring all the way to fall, patio string lights set the scene for lively evenings spent enjoying outdoor entertaining spaces. Patio string light sets from Wintergreen Lighting include patio bulbs paired with the appropriate size light string for convenience and are backed by warranties for commercial use. Create the perfect atomsphere for nighttime enjoyment of parties, public spaces, and special occasions with patio string lights!

Popular Locations for Patio String Lights

  • Outdoor Events and Weddings
  • Restaurant Patios
  • Residential Outdoor Living Areas
  • Storefronts & Window Displays
  • Public Gardens
  • Downtown Areas & City Centers

Shatterproof Patio String Lights

When hanging patio string lights in public places, considerations should be made for the type of bulb lens material being used. There are a variety of shatterproof patio string light options available which are a safer option than glass when hanging above areas where people are walking, eating, and relaxing. Shatterproof patio bulbs are LED instead of incandescent, which is also preferable for use in large, commercial areas. LED patio light bulbs are energy efficient and have a significantly longer lifespan than their incandescent counterparts, making them ideal for long term use in outdoor settings.

Wedding Lighting - Patio String Lights
Patio String Lights Wedding & Event Decor

Commercial Grade String Light Wire

All Wintergreen Lighting patio string light sets include commercial grade 18 or 16 gauge light wire. SPT1 & SPT2 wire insulation is available with E12 & E17 inline or drop sockets to fit a variety of bulb sizes and styles. For large-scale landscape and event lighting projects, SJTW light strings with E26 sockets are recommended. In particular, heavy duty SJTW light wire should be used for displays that consume a lot of power or for longer-term outdoor lighting where weathering is a concern.

Commercial Grade Patio String Light Wires

FlexFilament® LED Edison Bulb String Lights

When broadly defined, the term "Edison Bulb" refers to any light bulb with a visible filament. This type of lighting has surged in popularity in recent years, especially for outdoor events. Vintage style FlexFilament LED patio string lights are aesthetically similar to incandescent Edison bulbs, but can operate at a fraction of the energy cost. The curved filament inside each FlexFilament patio light bulb is lined with LED diodes that produce bright, satisfying light. With an average lifespan of up to 20,000-hours, these bulbs are a beautiful, reliable option for any outdoor lighting project. Choose from glass or shatterproof lenses in a variety of colors, finishes, and sizes to complement any setting and design theme.

Opticore® LED Globe Patio String Lights

OptiCore LED bulbs from Wintergreen Lighting are the pinnacle of brightness, color, technology, and durability. Opticore globe patio string light bulbs have pure polycarbonate walls that are virtually unbreakable and saturate the lens with light and color. A single SMD diode inside each bulb produces brilliant color that is evenly distributed throughout, reducing hot spots created from multiple light points found in other bulbs. If your professional outdoor lighting project requires the highest quality commercial patio lights, Opticore LED bulbs are the recommended choice for light installers and decorators.