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Red Rope Light

Red Rope Light Color Options

Red rope light is available in bright and vibrant colors in LED and incandescent spools. Hellfire red is a slightly darker red with black PVC tubing that makes for great ambient lighting. Concave bulbs are spaced 1" apart in LynxLite round rope light, and incandescent rope light has a pure tungsten filament to ensure a long life span. With correct installation and accessories, rope light is shock-proof.

What are the best applications for red rope light?

Red rope light makes for a great Christmas light on roof lines, around windows, and along pathways. Use for Valentine's Day, Christmas, and more. Purchase 150' spools for large applications or 12-30' rope light kits for smaller projects. 3/8" diameter rope light is best for shaping, and 3, 4, and 5-wire rope light is best for holiday light displays and motifs as they have the ability to twinkle and chase with a controller. 2-wire rope light is ideal for steady commercial use.

What is the difference between LED and incandescent rope light?

LED rope light uses energy efficient bulbs that are either round or conical in shape. This illuminates the entirety of the durable PVC tube. With a low power draw, LED rope light has a long life span and high pressure resistance. LED rope light controllers are available to utilize the best functions of LED rope, while other accessories, such as splice connectors and end caps, can be used on incandescent and LED rope lights.