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Replacement Light Bulbs

Wholesale Replacement Light Bulbs

If you're in need of bulk light bulbs for installation projects or to resell, you've found the right place! Wintergreen carries hundreds of wholesale patio light bulbs & Christmas light bulbs, as well as all the socket wire and accessories you need to install them.

If you're a professional decorator or light installer that needs access to a large array of options, we've got you covered. Or, if you're a retailer looking to provide your customers with professionally designed shelf-ready packaged light bulbs, you can choose from over 200 different product options. While our product selection and prices are great, our passion for what we do and the services we provide will also benefit you.

High Quality Wholesale Light Bulbs, Guaranteed

Working with Wintergreen gives you access to our team of lighting professionals, who can help determine the best light bulb options for your project. We're a group of lighting nerds with backgrounds as professional installers, merchandisers, and product developers who hand select only the best light bulbs to provide our customers. We then stand behind those products with real warranties up to 3 years.

Innovative Bulb Designs

As lighting technology advances new Christmas & patio light bulb styles are making their way into American neighborhoods, businesses, and public spaces. Wintergreen is at the forefront of bringing these innovative products to market. Our high quality standards mean we consistently produce LED lights that don't flicker, bold hues that won't fade, color temperatures that remain consistent across product lines, and innovative bulb designs to inspire creativity. When it comes to being at the pinnacle of lighting technology and impeccable quality, our multiple branded lines of replacement bulbs are unmatched.

Opticore® LED Christmas Light Bulbs

Wintergreen's Opticore LED bulbs feature SMD technology like that used in flat panel LED TVs to create consistent illumination from the base to the tip and eliminate the light directionality that occurs in standard LED bulbs. Opticore LED bulbs are constructed with polycarbonate which is 200 times stronger than glass and the bulbs are infused with color to create a rich hue that won't fade, chip or crack.

FlexFilament® LED Christmas & Patio Light Bulbs

Vintage style FlexFilament LED light bulbs are aesthetically similar to incandescent Edison bulbs, but can operate at a fraction of the energy cost. The curved filament inside is lined with LED diodes that produce bright, satisfying light, making FlexFilament LEDs twice as bright as most standard LED replacement bulbs. With an average lifespan of up to 20,000-hours, these bulbs are a beautiful, reliable option for any outdoor lighting project. Choose from traditional glass replacement light bulbs or lightweight and durable shatterproof lenses that ensure your bulbs survive both the holidays and storage.

LEDimagine® Fairy Light Bulbs

These gorgeous glass bulbs are filled with tiny LED fairy lights to create a unique globe light for patios, parties, events, and residential or office use. LEDimagine fairy light bulbs are perfect for hanging above event spaces or installing onto stakes set in the ground as garden pathway lights. These alluring LED bulbs also arrive in eye-catching, shelf ready packaging perfect for retail settings.

Shelf-Ready Retail Packaging

For store owners looking to resell our patio bulbs & Christmas light bulbs, we have over 200 packaging options designed specifically with the American consumer in mind. Our team of in-house designers understands the importance of shelf presence, research, merchandising, and accuracy, and combines this knowledge with eye catching, professionally designed packaging tailored to each individual product.