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Rope light is used by professional decorators, landscape designers, event planners and retail businesses due in large part to its ease of use and its ability to be employed for such a wide variety of use cases. Rope light has a 360 degree flexible tube design with the lights encased inside the translucent tubing. This unique design naturally diffuses the light to create a bright, but pleasant glow which is able to be viewed from all angles. Large rope light spools can be cut and connectors added to create custom design configurations. For smaller projects where no cutting or custom lengths are needed, rope light is also available in 18 ft. sets that can be connected end-to-end. From commercial building lighting, to walkway illumination, interior design, and so much more, rope light is a versatile and aesthetically pleasing choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Visit our rope light guide to see more installation ideas using rope light!

Rope Light for Decorative Lighting

Rope Light for Decorative Lighting

Create large Christmas displays and intricate holiday decorations using durable, flexible, and highly efficient LED rope light.

Rope Light Pathway and Landscape Lighting

Rope Light for Tree & Column Wrap Lighting

Wrap tree trunks and columns with rope lights to create a festive atmosphere at parties, events, and holiday gatherings.

Christmas & Holiday Rope Light Decorations

Rope Light Pathway & Landscape Lighting

Flexibility and durability makes rope light ideal for outlining walkways, pathways, and landscape contours.

Rope Light for Step & Deck Lighting

Rope Light for Step & Deck Lighting

Rope light is popularly used as accent lighting for deck railings, and stairs, and interior design projects like under-cabinet lighting.

For large scale lighting and design projects, especially outdoors, we recommend the use of rope light spools. These 150 foot spools are IP65 outdoor rated and designed to be cut at evenly spaced, pre-designated cut marks located on the tubing. After the preferred length of rope light is cut from the spool, a variety of connectors, sealants, and power cables can be used to create any number of display configurations. Each rope light spool comes with multiple sets of basic powering and connecting accessories to get you started and a variety of specialty accessories are also available for projects with very unique design requirements.

18 foot rope light kits are a convenient and beautiful out-of-the-box solution for a variety of small-space lighting projects. The kits include mounting clips and screws for convenient installation. 18' rope light sets can be used to create word art, small decorative displays, pathway lighting and more. For larger rope light projects, 18 foot kits can also be connected end-to end without any modifications or extra connectors needed. 18 foot rope light kits CANNOT be cut.

Rope Light Accessories

Mounting clips and channel tracks provide permanent & semi-permanent options for affixing rope light to a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Connectors allow you to create custom designs and configurations by joining two or more rope light sections together.

Create water tight connections between different runs of rope light and at the ends of each section with rope light sealant accessories.

Power cords and extension cables are available in multiple sizes for convenience when running power to your rope light projects.

Common Rope Light Questions

Can rope light be cut?

150 foot rope light spools can be cut using the indicator marks located on the tubing itself. Indicator marks are typically represented by either a dashed line or a scissors icon. This is the only place rope light should be cut. The distance between the cut marks will vary depending on the rope light, so it's important to measure your space and choose the cut mark closest to that measurement. After rope light is cut, a variety of accessories can be connected to the cut end to accommodate your specific design configurations. Click here to view our rope light accessory collection. 18 foot rope light kits CANNOT be cut.

What are the differences in rope light wire count?

Wire count is the number of wires running through a rope light tube. 2 wire is the most popular choice for steady light. 3, 4, and 5 wire rope light allows for animation and special effects when paired with a controller. When planning for your project, each rope light run and any corresponding accessories should have matching wire counts.

Which voltage should I choose?

120V is the most common type of rope light and is ideal for most indoor and outdoor lighting projects where an electrical outlet is accessible. 12V (DC) rope light uses a converter or battery for its power supply and is typically used for parade floats, bikes, boats, and low voltage landscape lighting.

How is rope light mounted or secured to a surface?

The answer to this question will vary depending on your specific project. Some common mounting techniques for rope light include mounting clips and crocodile clips which are designed specifically to hold light tubes, garden staples or U stakes for landscape applications, rope light channels for under-cabinet lighting, and zip ties when working with shapes or framework.

What is the difference between rope light and strip light?

Strip light is a flat, flexible strip with light diodes typically sitting on top. Strip light often includes an adhesive backing which makes it very convenient to install. However, this type of lighting needs to be covered from direct view to diffuse the brightness of its one-directional light diodes, and even when given an outdoor rating, the adhesive may not hold up in long term exposed outdoor lighting projects. Another difference to consider when deciding between rope light or strip light for your project is that rope light can typically cover more distance on one outlet than strip light. These differences in design and electrical capacity can significantly limit the use cases for strip light, especially in larger projects like walkways or landscapes, and in prominently visible locations like open interior spaces.

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