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Wintergreen Warranty and Claims

Product Warranty Registration

Thank you for purchasing Wintergreen brand products. Product registration provides you with quicker access to important product information and updates as well as enabling quicker customer service if you have technical questions or warranty needs.

Warranty Registration

Claim Registration

Please file your claim below and a Wintergreen customer service representative will review. Please note that Wintergreen may reach out to you for more information on your claim and the details surrounding the product's use.

Product Registration and Warranty Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Wintergreen's product brands?

Wintergreen Lighting, Kringle Traditions and Red Sleigh are brands of Wintergreen Corp.. Please note that some retailers private label Wintergreen's products and the product brand name they use may be different.

Why should you register your products with Wintergreen?

Wintergreen makes thousands of products and each product has different use cases, technical specifications and warranty criteria. By registering your products with Wintergreen, it helps to expedite troubleshooting questions you may have as well as warranty claim inquiries.

What's the difference between a store's warranty vs Wintergreen's manufacturer warranty?

Retail stores often have general return and guarantee policies that may apply to your product, however, those return and guarantee policies are unique to the store only. By registering your product with Wintergreen, the manufacturer, you are ensuring that any needs you have over the life of the product can be serviced by professionals who know the product.

What does 90-day seasonal use mean for products that have one or more years of warranty?

Seasonal lighting products are commonly certified by standards organizations like UL, CSA or ETL based on the product being used no more than 90 days in a year. This often includes use cases like holidays, parties and events. The warranty of the product may be one year or more and is a guarantee that the product will function as intended during that time. However, the warranty is also contingent on the product being used properly as designated by the organizations that created the safety standards for 90-day seasonal use.

How do product warranties work on products that have been modified?

Some lighting products are made to be modified or customized for decorative displays and are sold as such. However, modifying the product voids the warranty because the product has been changed from its original form.