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Commercial M5 Mini Ice Light Strings

Why choose commercial C9 LEDs?

Commercial M5 mini ice light strings can have up to 125 sets connected end to end, making them ideal for large commercial projects. Simply combine with an LED power adapter to create a water tight coaxial connection that stands up to all weather elements for long, seamless runs. Using 80-90% less power than traditional lights, commercial LED lights save energy and money and come in a wide variety of vibrant colors that will not crack or fade.

Advantages in Wintergreen Lighting

Choose Wintergreen Lighting commercial LED mini lights that offer advanced technology bulbs that are fused into sockets for additional strength. All strings are CSA approved and UL listed, making them high quality and durable for multiple seasons of use. Bulbs are cool to the touch on commercial grade 20 gauge wire and utilize flicker-free full wave technology to create energy efficient runs.