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Unlit Fraser Fir

Ht (ft) Width (in) Lighting

Why is the unlit Fraser Fir so popular? As one of the best selling artificial trees under the Red Sleigh brand, the Fraser Fir is rustic and realistic beyond compare. Its interior trunk and branches are wrapped with imitation bark for a natural appearance even up close. Tips are shaped in a gentle curve with pointed ends. Multiple pigments are blended into live tree molds using patented TruTip technology for a lifelike look and feel.

How many light strings are recommended? The design of Fraser Fir offers ample decorating space, resulting in light visibility from multiple angles. The prelit Fraser remains close to the standard recommendation of 100 lights per foot. Preferences on heavy and softer lighting would cause the recommended count of lights to increase or decrease to taste.

How durable is the Fraser Fir? Red Sleigh trees include a ten year warranty on frame and construction. Each tree includes a sturdy metal base designed specifically for the width and height of the tree.Tips are constructed using PVC for a dense interior and to offer strong ornament hanging branches, while TruTip needles are constructed using PE molds crafted from the most popular live Christmas tree: the Fraser Fir.